Friday, February 22, 2008

Time to Order Textbooks

It's that time again. I had to place my order for my summer textbooks that my students will use as I teach freshman writing this upcoming summer. Since I teach online, mainly, I try to utilize online resources that I find while perusing the Internet, but good sites, with materials that I value, are hard to come by. So, I find myself writing a lot of my own material and posting it as .pdf files for my students. Of course, I use a text, but it's not a reader, and it doesn't obsess over grammatical rules, but it does emphasize the process of writing .... and I love that.  It's amazing that after nearly 25 years of Maxine Hairston, who wrote the text I use, calling for change in her foundational article "Winds of Change," that teaching writing as a process still hasn't entirely caught on. 

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