Friday, February 22, 2008

1,000 Visitors!

Not only did I create my 100th posting this month, but I also just checked the stats that are kept for this blog and learned that today, the 1,000th visitor stopped by! Unfortunately, I was the 1,000 visitor as I stopped by to check out the stats..... but, the 999th visitor was from Belcamp, Maryland -- somewhere I have never been. This person was searching for Labor Day images, and found my posting on Labor Day, which you could revisit here, if you are interested. Here are some interesting observations about the traffic that stops by "insert title here." 

I think my most popular posting was the "Ode to Candy" posting. Interestingly enough, people all over the world are interested in odes to candy! At least one person a week searches for this and stops by the blog. The most recent visitor to that posting came from Alachua, Florida and actually stopped by yesterday!

As I live in the United States, it makes sense that most visitors are from here, too. However, a lot of visitors stop by from abroad as well. The most recent visitor from a country other than the U.S. was from Bangkok, Thailand. This person was searching for the words "enjoy some rest," on February 21, and visited that same Labor Day posting. Weird.

But that's the neat thing about a blog. You can write something, and people from places you have never been, let alone heard of, stop by. Maybe some of these folks know you, maybe they don't, but that's part of the fun. 

But if you do stop by, leave a comment and say "Hi."

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