Friday, February 29, 2008

Nearly a Whiteout

Last night, I was up in Normal/Bloomington on the ISU campus. When I drove up and got into town, the weather was fine. A few hours later, when I left campus and returned to my car, the weather was colder and windy, but there was nothing to be concerned about. About fifteen minutes into the drive home, tiny specks of snow began to fall quickly and heavily. As I proceeded south, the snow grew thicker, and the flakes grew larger ... and the traffic slowed down ... way down. Traffic that would normally cruise at 70 miles-per-hour was going 40. The lane lines were not visible, and occassionally I would see a car that had slid off the road, sitting in the median or down in a ditch. Needless to say, it was a white-knuckled drive home, but I plopped myself behind a semi and followed it all the way back to Springfield, at about 40 miles-per-hour. The trip that normally takes about an hour took nearly two, but I got home and of course, today, all of that snow will melt as if last night never happened.

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