Saturday, March 1, 2008

dim, dimmer, dimmest

Last week, Menards had dimmer switches on sale for about two dollars each. Conveniently, we had been talking about putting a few of our overhead lights on dimmer switches just a few weeks earlier. When the Sunday ad came out, with the dimmers on the cover, we jumped at the chance to make the change; even better, we made the change cheaply! I bought five for a little over $10, and have since installed two: one in a hallway, and one in the dinette area of our kitchen. Two others will go on the two overhead lights we have in our dining room (which is currently, the kids' play room). That leaves one leftover, in case we desire another dimmer somewhere else in the house. Installation is pretty simple, as long as you shut off the power, and the results are not only easy on the eyes, but dimmer switches can also cut down on your energy usage.

As shown in an episode of Fix it Up! from HGTV:

Pat and Jodi quickly show how to attach a dimmer switch, which allows the user to manually control the level of light at the switch, saving energy when less light is used, which in turn lowers utility bills.

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JeromeProphet said...

Our florescent bulbs won't work with a dimmer. Well, not very well that is. They buzz, and hum, and eventually burn out.

So it's either on, or off for right now.