Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Guess it's Time

We decided to branch out and add a 2nd cell-phone line to our plan, so I stopped in the local cell-phone store and inquired about doing so. I learned we could do that, get a free phone, and we were due a free phone upgrade (it had been 55 months since we got our original phone). Now, we're not the most cell-phone dependent people, but, a free new phone is a free new phone. The clerk informed me that he had never seen anyone go so long without upgrading .... good to know.

That's our old phone on the right and the sleek new one on the left. Wowee!


Elena said...

Yeah for new cell phones! I'm sure you already have the date marked in your Google calendar for the next upgrade date. :)

Josh Miller said...

I had a phone like your old one for ages. Not quite that long but it was the best phone I ever had really.