Monday, January 19, 2009

I Gave

When I was younger, I was always struck by how my mom gave blood regularly. I don't know how or why she started to do this, but I recall her doing this often. Recently, I noticed in the local paper a need for blood donation, and it hit me that I have no real reason for not donating blood. Really, it was just laziness and apathy. So I started a new trend today and stopped into my local blood donation center and gave. It was simple. Aside from filling out a small form and waiting a few moments for a nurse, the actual giving of blood took a bit more than five minutes -- ten tops. Later in the afternoon I felt a bit tired, but nothing worse than that.


Elena said...

Well done, Mr. Universal Donor.

They'll be hunting you down for your next donation. :)

Eric said...

I hear it's even more fun if you have a beer immeidately afterwards.