Sunday, June 22, 2008

We've Been Wii'd!

It's not that we'd really been searching that hard for one, but we had been saving for a few months, and after picking up the newspaper this morning and scanning the ads, Target had some Wiis in stock. Shortly after 8:00 I called just to verify, and they did, so I headed over to Target and by 8:25, we owned a Wii. I can't figure out why these are so difficult to come by, but Target came through. And, this isn't the first time Target has helped someone get a Wii. My sister got hers at Target too, about a year ago, in Indy. And, she saw them in stock there again a few weeks ago, but we weren't ready to buy. The set-up was easy, and a few hours later, when the girls were napping, Elena and I went bowling ... in our LIVING ROOM! It was great fun, even though I lost every game to her. The coolest thing is that when you play a Wii, you are always moving around. No longer, do you sit and stare at a TV when playing a video game. Now, you're in constant motion, and the games are simple to figure out.Now, if I could just get my bowling score up.

Update: this morning, I woke up with a sore calf muscle... I think I suffered a Wii injury!

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Shannon said...

Nice work E. Jason you need to stop being a wimp.