Thursday, June 26, 2008

A New Big Bed (and ensuing unexpectedness)

Our oldest daughter graduated. Nope - not from school or any particular grade; instead, she graduated from her crib to her very own 'big girl bed.' And, she's done really well with the transition. Over the past few weeks, we've only had a few evenings where she would get out of bed and cry a bit for her old crib, but at this point, we think she's over that. Heck, she even would get out of bed sometime in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom without us knowing it! The new development is that she gets out of bed in the middle of the night and tries to climb in our bed. Two nights ago, I awoke to someone pulling on my sheets -- and she climbed up and over me to lay in the middle of the bed. Drowsily, I tried to figure out what happened, and then I heard the thunder and figured it out: she was scared and instead of crying for us to come and get her, she took matters into her own hands and came to us. But last night, it happened again, and there was no thunderstorm, and she came into the room, waking me up, three times between midnight and five a.m. Not sure if this is just a trend, or something that we'll have to try to undo. What we can't get over is how brave she is. I mean, it's dark in the house in the middle of the night, but she knows exactly where she's going and isn't afraid to venture out of her room. It's really pretty amazing.

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