Friday, April 4, 2008

Victory x3

Elena and I have been playing Scrabble recently, and I've won all three games over the course of three nights! To top it off, in two out of three games, I have gotten a bingo, which I had never done before. For the record:

Bingo is a slang term used in Scrabble when a player uses all seven letters in one play.

On Monday night, I created the word FEMININE and tonight it was RETRIEVED. Both words helped to seal my victory. Just don't ask about Thursday night's game: it was a snoozer. For the record, the score tonight was J - 308 & E - 292.


Elena said...

Oh please...had you not gotten those bingos, I would've kicked your tail!!!

Jason said...

It's possible, but I did get those two Bingos, which catapulted me to victory!

Elena said...

You're going down tonight!

Jason said...

I kicked your tail! I'm back!!!!!!