Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Street View

has done it again. This borders on the creepy, but it could be extremely helpful to people visiting unfamiliar places, once the technology is fully in place. If you visit Google Maps these days, and are traveling to a larger metropolitan area, such as Chicago, you have the option on the map to view the map, view a satellite image of the map, or to put yourself down in the street and see what's around. Amazing.

I did a quick trip down memory lane to revisit the places Elena and I lived in while we lived in Chicagoland, and once you step out into the suburbs, you cannot access particular streets, but you have access to the main streets (which, luckily, we lived right off of).The top picture is of the intersection by the apartment we rented when we first got married; if you follow the street back, to the right, is the entrance to the mega-complex. The second photo is of the intersection that we would turn into to get to our townhouse (our first go at home-ownership); if you follow this street back and take a right, you would enter our neighborhood. This bank, here, on the corner did not exist when we lived there.

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Elena said...

This is freaky weird.
Ahhh...old times. I feel like Cuats should be meeting us for dinner somewhere!