Friday, March 7, 2008

Even Higher Education

After applying to Illinois State's PhD in English program back in January, the official word from the English Department came in the mail yesterday. I have been accepted into the program. Elena kept assuring me that I would be accepted, but it seemed to take forever for me to hear anything, that I kept considering that maybe I wouldn't be. But ... I need not think that any longer. Since I plan to take one course a semester, this degree will take a LONG time to complete, but I will make progress each semester. And, I have been taking classes there as a student-at-large, so I hope to transfer the three courses I will have completed in to knock off a few credit hours! The degree is in English Studies, which combines literature, composition studies, and pedagogy under one umbrella, but I am going to focus my studies towards composition studies. I'll keep you posted.


Tony said...

DOC! Congrats! By the way, I had to look up "pedagogy." I thought it was a bad thing. I was wrong. It is not.

Michael Leddy said...

Best wishes for the doctorate, Jason!

John said...

Cool news. Congratulations and best of luck.