Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back to Work

Yesterday marked the end of spring break and the start of the second half of the semester. The good news is that yesterday was really productive. I collected essays from all of my classes, stored them on my flash drive, and began reading them immediately. I will have the first batch scored and returned by Wednesday afternoon, which is great because that is my largest section. I plan to have the second batch done and returned Friday afternoon. So it seems that spring break served me well; I am rejuvenated and focused and immediately felt productive at work. Last night, I even began working on my new media research project; I wrote about 1/4 of the project, and have a clear idea of what the other 3/4 will be comprised of. Welcome back.


gotshoo.com said...

I could use a spring break out here in cube land. What do you teach?

Jason said...


I teach English, but focus solely on composition courses. I wish everyone could have a spring break; it really does a person some good.