Friday, January 18, 2008

The Greatest Feature

As I previously reported, this is the year my computing habits and preferences change: I am a Mac owner and love it. In the short time I have owned this wonderful machine, the one feature that jumps out at me more than any other is the fact that I never have to, or at least rarely have to, turn my computer off. Heck, in the manual itself, it states that many Mac owners never turn their computer off. Instead, we let our computers sleep, which essentially turns the computer off, for it's in a very, very low power state (if I put it to sleep with 100% of its power, unplugged, when I wake it up after sleeping the entire night, it still has at least 93% of its power left), but it starts up immediately when it is awakened. AMAZING! I no longer have to wait five or ten minutes for my computer to start up, or even come back from the Windows version of sleep. I just flip open the cover, and BOOM! start typing or working. I love it!

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