Saturday, January 12, 2008

Getting Ready to Start

Two days until school starts up again. The only difference this time around is that on Monday, when I get to school to begin my classes, I don't have any physical classes to go to. Yes, I do have a full load this term, but none of them will take place in an actual classroom. As I mentioned here earlier, I am teaching my entire load online. A few days ago, enough students registered for my classes to allow all of them to 'make,' so there is nothing stopping me now. Of course, this will be a tough thing to get used to, for I will need to work even harder to be productive and stay on top of things. In a typical semester, when I taught both in the classroom and online, I always had the traditional classes to keep me on schedule, but without those, I need to work hard to develop a schedule and keep myself on it. So, on Monday, the experiment begins ... and I foresee to-do lists becoming my saving grace.

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