Monday, December 17, 2007

Students 2.0

This site, students 2.0, has been up and running for a few weeks, maybe a month, now, and I am impressed with the questions that it raises about the state of education: students and teachers. The blog is written by students, high school students, I assume, and they write about their views on education. Now, this is not a bunch of students ranting and/or raving about how teachers are unfair or how school is lame; instead, the pieces are well-written, interesting, and most are pretty insightful. The contributors to this site live all over the world, but the issues mainly focus on education in the U.S. If you have some time, see what some thoughtful kids are saying about the education they are gaining -- both in school and out. Whether I agree with these writers or not, I appreciate that they are voicing their opinions in a useful manner, and they are trying to help improve the educational system instead of just complaining about the problems they see.

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