Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Heat: An Amateur's Adventures as Kitchen Slave

I love to cook. During my college years, in the summers, I worked as a cook at a local country club and learned, firsthand, a lot about the kitchen culture. It only follows that I love to read books about the reality of being a cook in a restaurant (much different than cooking at home). Bill Buford has done a great job in capturing the experience of transitioning from a good cook at home to a proficient restaurant cook, while working in one of New York's most popular restaurants, Babbo, run by one of the nation's most popular chefs, Mario Batali. If you enjoy cooking and have wondered if you could hack it in a professional setting, pick this up, for Buford attempts what most could only dream of, and he succeeds. But more importantly, he shows the reality of a kitchen, its crew, and the restaurant business.

This leads me to wonder, what's for dinner tonight?

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