Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ode to Candy

We're nearly through with the course I am taking this semester, and it is time for student presentations. Since most folks in the class, aside from me, teach English in junior high or high school, the materials presented don't have that much relevance to my teaching situation, but they are interesting nonetheless. For instance, on Saturday one presentation was about getting her students more enthusiastic about writing poetry and seeing poetry in everyday, common things. For her presentation, we wrote odes; here is mine.

Ode to Candy
From the side, I watch
her pull from the orange bag
her prize
one after another,
by the brightly colored wrappers.

She pulls one open -- tears it, actually
and grabs the chocolate bar,
with bright, eager eyes
she bites and smiles
as the choclately goodness
dissolves between chews
and melts in her hand.

Her young mind trying
to understand
why it tastes so good.

In honor of a certain someone's first Halloween of trick-or-treating.

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