Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The First Job Interview

I spent a few hours at the local Panera this afternoon grading some essays. I found the change of location to be refreshing, and I accomplished a lot in just a few hours. The greatest thing I saw though was a bright-eyed sixteen year old nervously talking to the guy behind the counter to tell him he was there for his interview. It took me back to the day I first interviewed at the Eagle grocery store just up the street from our house. I, too, nervously approached the customer service counter to inform them that I was there to interview with the manager. I don't recall the questions he asked me, but I remember being nervous ... so nervous that I locked my keys in the car before the interview even began. My mom had to come up and unlock the car for me. In the end, I got the job, and I am pretty sure that kid I saw at Panera will too. Looking back, the situation is humorous, but that kid looked nervous enough that he might have passed out. There's so much at stake at sixteen, when a job goes so far towards freedom. Good luck, kid.

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