Monday, September 24, 2007

Uncovering the Past

A few weeks back, my parents brought down a folder of important paperwork that related to me. As Elena and I have gone through it, we've uncovered some fun facts about me as I grew up through the time I attended EIU. For instance, in first grade I was very average at science or social studies; in third grade I had difficulty with logic-type puzzles (my teacher said "they were a challenge" for me); I had some difficulty in outlining in the fourth grade, which is hilarious to me because I tell my students today how pointless they can be for some writers; in high school, in photography class, I went from an "A" in the first quarter to a "C" in the second, I earned a "C" in P.E., a "C" in painting (every quarter), but in English I mainly earned "A's." Interesting. I am so glad that all of these grades mattered; in reality, I think it shows, quite well, how many students will just try hard enough to get by, as I did, in subjects that they don't care about.
In the photos, apparently I was tardy once in the first grade, but overall, I had a good year in first grade.

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