Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Free iTunes

Well, free for me, for some reason. Strange thing happened today. I was shuffling through a drawer of my desk at work and came upon a $15 iTunes gift card. I don't remember purchasing this, or getting it for a gift, even, but it was in my desk. Briefly I thought it strange that something appeared in my desk when others often complain of people taking things from their desk, but is it possible that my desk is magical and produces iTunes gift cards?

A day off yesterday, and a free iTunes gift card today ... what a week so far!

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Stal Herz said...

Hi Jason,

My name is Stal Herz, and I'm a Fantast Football writer. I used to write for Fantasy Football Today but am branching out on my own with my own blog.

Please stop by to talk fantasy or bounce start em or sit em questions off of me each week.

If you don't know about Selvin Young, you should stop by.

Also noticed that you liked "On the Road" They're having tons of celebrations in NYC seeing as how it's the 50th anniversy of the book.

Hope to hear from you.