Monday, July 30, 2007

Ubuntu anyone?

Problem = Older laptop running Windows XP that often won't boot correctly, freezes up regularly, and runs slowly when it's not frozen and boots up.

Possible solution (aside from new laptop) = Ubuntu Operating System

Any advice?

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Tony said...

Gotta love the open source, and the price is right.

Then again, I never have problems with my Mac...

Jason Dockter said...

Of course -- the Mac. Unfortunately, not an option.

Michael Leddy said...

Jason, I wish I'd caught this post earlier. But if you're still looking for suggestions: try running Ubuntu from the live CD, and make sure that you can get your network connection going. If everything seems to work, you can then install to your hard drive (you can make a separate Ubuntu partition or wipe the hard drive).

I put Ubuntu on the "family" computer (the one that's more or less a terminal for e-mail and Internet) and have no regrets. You can download Ubuntu and burn to a CD or send off for free CDs (how amazing is that?).

Jason Dockter said...

Thanks Michael,
I am awaiting the Ubuntu CD in the mail. Should be a few weeks, but I am looking forward to it.