Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mailorder is Still Fun

Yep -- I am going to order an actual CD. Back in 2006, I traded every single one of my CDs to this used CD store for an iPod. Of course, before I sent in all of my CDs, all 600 of 'em, I ripped them onto my hard drive (and even backed that music up on a portable hard drive because I am that paranoid of losing the music). And the scheme worked, for I now have a great iPod, all of my music and then some, and don't have to house a massive CD collection.

But, sometimes getting music from iTunes isn't the best way to go. I have heard some sample tracks off of Chuck Ragan's live CD "Los Feliz" and some tunes from his upcoming release, "Feast or Famine," and I want to help him out. I know when I buy music from a small, indie label that the actual artist benefits from the sale. I feel a bit of guilt when I get the music elsewhere. This brings me back to actually buying a CD, the way I used to when I was in high school, via mailorder. I can preorder the CD, out in August, and get a free T-shirt with it AND enjoy the anticipation of getting the disc in the mail. This was the only way I used to get music from great mailorder collectives like Blacklist Mailorder.

But I think I will ultimately go both ways here: get "Los Feliz" off of iTunes and preorder his new disc and wait, patiently, for it to come in the mail.


Tony said...

I agree. Mail order IS still fun. I think some of the smarter independent labels are getting in on the extra-merch-with-a-CD-order trend. For example, I pre-ordered Spoon's new release, GaGaGaGaGa, on vinyl, and will receive a limited edition 7" signed by band frontman Britt Daniel and a coupon to download the entire record in MP3 format for free. Not a bad deal.

Eric said...

Los Feliz is so good! Thanks for the linkage. Where in Central IL do you reside?

Jason Dockter said...

Hey Eric,
The funny thing is that you turned me onto his solo stuff via your site! You are welcome for the linkage; thanks for a great indie music site.