Sunday, July 15, 2007

Less Sleep = More Coffee

Our new daughter has been home now for five days, and Elena and I have been sharing the every-two-hour feedings throughout the night, along with the diaper changing and general checking in on the baby throughout the night. So far, we've both been pretty surprised at how we don't really mind not sleeping as much (or as soundly). I have noticed, though, that I drag during the day (and think of naps, too). I find myself drinking an additional cup of coffee or two throughout the day, and so, it's a good time to talk about some good coffee - when a choice is available.

At the top is Seattle's Best coffee, which is actually not just Seattle's best, but the best of all. I first happened upon this coffee at the newer outlet mall in Aurora, IL, where they had a branch. From that point, whenever we ventured to that mall, I went out of my way to get a cup. The good news is that they also sell their coffee in many grocery and big box-type stores (although I don't know if it is carried by Wal-Mart). Whole bean or ground, the coffee is great.

Next, is Caribou Coffee, which has coffee shops in about twenty states: mainly in the midwest. Great coffee, but what I love is that they offer two varieties of nearly every blend: a dark and a mild. For my taste, the mild is the best choice no matter what the brew. They don't sell their product in stores, so unless you have a store located nearby, which I don't, you're outta luck. And even if you do have a store nearby, buying coffee everyday has gotta be ridiculously expensive.

What do you drink?


John Guzlowski said...

Hi, Jason, my personal preference is for Starbucks Sumatra coffee. It's an extra bold, and we've been drinking it for probably 17 years. The taste is always perfect.

Some coffees, you drink them often enough, and they lose their aroma/taste/sensations, but that Starbucks Sumatra always keeps on ticking.

The Seattle Best coffee? It's a good mild but I got to have extra bold.

By the way, you should post a blog entry about what you're up to.

I'm curious.

And call me John.

Jason Dockter said...

Old habits are hard to break, John. But I will do so! Thanks for the suggestion on coffee -- and I will give it a try.