Thursday, September 18, 2008

A daily guide

The blog here at *insert title here* is going to take a change in direction and instead of focusing mainly on the personal, I am going to try to use the blog as a productivity tool. Warning: this could be a very short experiment, or it could work. I plan to list what I need/want to accomplish for the day along with any commentary that fits with those listings.

-read 12 papers and comment on them (update, during the fire drill, I read three!)
-read chapter related to Cultural Studies and Composition
-avoid fire drill by taking laptop to car and grading in there (that's dedication, no?)

As of 1:50, I have finished grading my papers, but I haven't read the chapter yet. I am now off to a meeting for the Honors Program.


Elena said...

Hmmm...reverting to our old Eagle days as a cart pusher, are we? I seem to recall you telling me that on the cold days, you would sit in your car instead of collect carts. :)

Kayla said... know it wasn't nice of you to leave your fire drill partner hanging...not cool. i thought that you'd been burned to a crisp!