Friday, August 15, 2008

Where Did You Go?

Not too much to write on lately, mainly due to my working hard at getting the classes I am teaching in the fall up to speed. The summer break is nearly over, well, it is pretty much over, for me at least. Sure there's a week left, but I start a class early next week, and we have an orientation-type day next Friday to kick off the new semester, so the summer is officially over. But I'm okay with it - really. It hit me today that the fall semester is going to start soon, which refreshed in my mind what I love about academia ... the fresh start. No matter how well or how poorly a semester goes, it is almost nearly over as soon as it begins. So in a little over a week, I get to start fresh with new students, new ideas, new goals, all tied together in a new semester, and as I get more and more prepared for the semester, I get a bit more excited for it.

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Elena said...

Summer break is over. Sigh.