Saturday, August 2, 2008

Drumming ... again

Last weekend, like a bolt of lightning, it struck me. I could rebuild my drumset by buying the missing pieces off of eBay. So a few days later, I pulled out my practice pad a a pair of sticks and began to work on my endurance ... namely, stick control. It's been years since I have played drums with any regularity, but I took lessons, played in bands, and on my own for about fifteen years growing up. For about four days in a row, now, I have been working on the pad for thirty minutes a day. The plan will be to do this until I can reassemble a full kit. After digging through a few boxes of parts, I have a bass drum, two toms, a cracked crash cymbal, a ride, and a splash (with three cymbal stands). After saving up a bit, I'll start searching eBay for a set of hi-hats, a hi-hat stand, and a crash cymbal that's not cracked. But, the fun will be to play. And for now, playing a bit on the practice pad is a lot of fun.

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