Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Universally Accepted

After debating when we would get one (not if, 'cause we absolutely needed one), we bought a new universal remote control for our TV. The one that we had (and still have, but it's nearly dead) came with the TV when Elena got the TV for Christmas nearly ten years ago. In its lifespan, the remote has survived a swim in a full glass of water, numerous drops on hard floors, various misplacements, mishandlings by two toddlers, a few super-glue applications to hold it together (the latest resulted in some super-glue getting on the #1, making it inoperable), and last, a few strategically placed pieces of electrical tape . But the remote just can't do what it once could. In order to get it to change the channel, I have to smack it against my bony knee a few times -- and that only works occasionally. Our other option is to ask our two-year-old to hit the channel button on the TV set ... not very effective. So, while we were out today, we got a universal remote, and when we turn the TV on tonight (to watch more of The Deadliest Catch season three on DVD) the new remote will start to earn its keep.

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Elena said...

Oh, no! The Remoter!