Monday, June 16, 2008

Tofu You

We boldly went where we had not gone before. Tonight, we made our first meal that included tofu. So not only did we buy some tofu at the store, but we crumbled it up and put it in with the vegetables we were sweating. The verdict is that tofu is as it is said to be: tasteless and without texture by itself. But, the great news is that it absorbs the flavor of what you make with it. The meal is going to be a repeat, and we'll look for more recipes that include tofu.

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Tony said...

Doc! You really need to make some pad Thai - its a very simple Thai dish that can incorporate tofu, and it's one of the few dishes I like that includes tofu. It's kind of the chop suey of Thai restaurants - the meal all the pasty Americans get when they don't want to get adventurous - but I enjoy it nonetheless.

Here's a link to a recipe:

(You could probably fiddle around with the ingredients and find a dozen other different variations - if nothing else, order out from one of your Thai places down south, if you have such things down there south of I-80)