Thursday, March 27, 2008

Google Results

I was reading an article for class yesterday and came upon mention of a website that incorporates an image of a person and blends it with the results of a Google search for that person. As I am sure everyone has done, I Googled myself and found a variety of results - some of them related to me, some of them related to some other person who shares my name. Interestingly, there is a lot of mention of North Dakota, which is where my dad is from. But anyways, I visited this site and uploaded an image of myself, and this is the result. When you do this on the site, it creates an image that is manipulated by the reader, but nonetheless, this is an interesting concept.

Autoportrait. org explains:

Autoportrait also allows visitors to participate in the experiment and witness how to their online identies change over time. Will these auto-portraits change towards are more accurate reflection of the person and their achievements, or will our Google-identies become even more unclear, intertwined and superimposed in new and unforeseen ways?

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