Saturday, February 16, 2008

Appreciating Saturday

Sometimes, the weekend is a great time to get out and do things that you just can't accomplish during the week. But, when it's cold out, and you have young children, a great Saturday often consists of catching up on things inside of the house that you really don't have time for during the week. This morning was a really productive one that consisted of cleaning the kitchen, using WD40 on some squeaky hinges (and polishing the stainless appliances we have, too -- it works really well), vacuuming the living room and entry way, and changing sheets in the kids' cribs. Yes, this all happened before 10:30, and we still have the whole day ahead of us, which will probably consist of the kids spilling crumbs on the living room carpet, and us trying to keep the place tidy and clean. Yes, it's a never-ending battle, but some Saturdays let you feel like your a little ahead in the battle.

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