Friday, November 9, 2007

The Record Industry Must be Worried

After reading, and blogging, about Radiohead releasing its new album on its own via the Internet, I found this follow-up piece even more interesting -- and exciting! More artists, and some pretty big names (think lots of $$ for the record industry) are leaving their major labels and going independent by releasing their music on their own or utilizing a lesser-known label/service to do the work for them. From my perspective, as a person who played independent music, subscribed to and continues to believe in the D.I.Y ethic, and loves the idea of artists controlling their own material, this movement is thrilling.

Most interesting was this:
"The British supergroup offered the digital version of In Rainbows, the band's latest album, for whatever fans wanted to pay. According to research firm ComScore, which conducted a study of the groundbreaking promotion, 62 percent of those who downloaded the album paid nothing."

Wow. And you know what? Radiohead will still make lots of money off of this album, even by giving it away. The publicity alone will bring more people to their concerts, and these people will probably buy some merchandise while at the concert, and Radiohead will be able to pay their bills (and live quite comfortably). Oh yes, some people will also enjoy new music, for free, without the fear of being sued by a label.

The possibilities of where this movement is leading is thrilling.

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