Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Meeting a New Roommate

The fall is upon us. No, the weather is not fall-like, but the fall semester begins .... soon. And this brings back many memories, but none so much as the slight anxiety that many freshman and transfer students feel when meeting their new dorm roommate. I had many roommates (we lived in an apartment-like dorm) as a college student at EIU, but I especially remember meeting my main roommate, Eric. He turned out to be a great roommate, and we remain great friends to this day. Unfortunately, not all are as lucky as we were. To those of you about to meet a new roommate, I offer you this advice if he/she turns out to be your worst roommate nightmare.


Tony said...

I wonder what ol' Subash is up to these days?

Leslie said...

That's some great advice!

Leslie said...

I feel utterly violated! AND a bit like my personal identity is slowly being taken away from me!!