Monday, August 6, 2007

Classes Begin Soon

For those who read who don't teach, you probably care less that there are only a few weeks to go until the fall semester begins. For me, though, today was a pretty big reality check. I went to campus today, did some work in my office, ran into a few other faculty members, and then it happened: classes start SOON, and there's much to do. Of course, a lot of the work is done, but I am never satisfied with the way I arrange the classes I teach or how long I spend teaching certain aspects of the course, so that's where the real work begins. The good news: one class almost down. I see and know some folks who do the exact same thing the exact same way every semester, and I wonder how they could be satisfied with something that they've been doing/using for at least five years. I don't think I'll ever be there; I doubt I actually want to be there.

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