Sunday, July 22, 2007

What's on Tonight?

I find myself asking my wife this nearly everyday, as if she's the TV Guide, and nearly every day, the answer is "not much." As a result, as you can tell from my previous posts, we've been watching a lot of movies lately. However, there are a few exceptions that are on TV; oh, and when I say TV, I am not referring to the 999 cable channels that are available, but I'm talking about basic cable -- not much more than the networks and the weather channel here, folks. Because of this, we don't watch all that much TV; however, there are some bright spots throughout the year.

The best show out there is about the only comedy that is actually comedic: The Office. Yes, I know this is not the original show (that of the BBC), but it is entirely its own, with story lines that are unique to American culture. The characters seem real, the humor is forthright at times, but more often it's so subtle and off-hand that one is likely to miss it -- which makes it even funnier. The story lines are outrageous, if you haven't really spent much time with the characters, but once you understand their personalities -- especially that of the self-proclaimed "World's Best Boss," Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell), they become quite realistic, and even more humorous. The Emmy nominations were announced last week, and Steve Carell is up for Outstanding Lead in a Comedy Series, and hopefully, he claims the prize: he is so convincing as Michael Scott, and his comedic timing is perfect.Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series


Laura said...

our favorite comedy, hands down. we watch the reruns too.

Jason Dockter said...

Us too. The re-runs are often funnier the second or third time around!