Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome Home

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We made it through the pregnancy and on Tuesday delivered our second daughter, M. We were okayed to leave the hospital today, and we were at home by 2:00. She is beautiful, healthy, and quite a content baby!

Things I learned during our brief hospital stay:

1. My wife is amazing. She delivered the baby with little trouble, was in great spirits immediately afterwards, and was ready to go home the next day. She really makes the whole thing seem easy.

2. Babies are straightforward with ya. They're either happy or not, and if not, they're either poopy, wet, hungry, or have gas. That's prettty much it. Work your way through the list, and you should have a happy baby.

3. Hospitals aren't always warm. For the second time, in as many child deliveries, I was freezing at the hospital. Thankfully, when the baby was born, they cranked up the heat.

4. Hospital food is really not that good. We were in for about two days and had chicken strips for dinner one night and for lunch the following day. They were good, but nothing really seemed worth trying instead of chicken strips.

5. Maternity wards with nursuries are a blessing. There seems to be a movement in hospitals these days to have babies stay with their moms (and dads, usually) for their entire stay. While this is great in theory, sometimes, moms REALLY need some sleep. This time around, the hospital had a nursery, staffed with full-time RNs, and we let M spend a few hours there late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. They fed her and watched over her, and most importantly, Mom got some much needed rest. Sleep does amazing things.


Tony said...

Congrats, again, man! See, I do read your blog. That photo is the tops!

Michael Leddy said...

Hey, you little brand-new baby,
your mama and your papa
think you're mighty nice.
Hey, you little brand-new baby,
and I hope you have a mighty nice life!

(Words by Tom Paxton, sung by Pete Seeger, quoted from memory.)

John Guzlowski said...

Hey, Jason, congratulations. A baby! And a wife. And you! You all look happy and busting into life.